Sunday, 6 April 2008

Personal I dare?!

To cut a long story short, I have been put in touch with a personal trainer who operates in the local area.

I have had her details for over a year. And I have also been looking at her brochure for that long.

The lady who owns my local post office has used her (and raves about her) and has lost nearly 50kg!

So anyway, I eventually plucked up courage to call the trainer, who is called Lynda, to get all the details, just to see if would be practical in terms of times of sessions etc. And also to get the "vibe".

Call me picky, but I do not want to be running around Foxfield Oval with a bunch of size 10 women who are "struggling" to get to a size 8.

But.......Lynda was really reassuring! What an enchanting woman she has been so far, just on the telephone!

(I ran it by the lovely husband and he was incredibly positive about it......bless him.)

Lynda's sessions are arranged via 20 group sessions of 2.5 hours, every Tuesday night at 7pm.

I have filled in my forms, arranged to meet her for a one on one session to get myself appraised next week.

Am I mad?! I think so!

But I am feeling very excited about it............


  1. I'd love to get a personal trainer! Good on you!

    Hope it goes well! And keep us updated on how it goes.

  2. Once again I think it's an awesome idea for you to do this. I hope it's going well (did you go last night LOL). Great stuff.


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