Tuesday, 18 March 2008

A lovely way to resist snacking tempatation........

Get on the telephone to a friend.

Preferably female.

One that can share your highs and lows. And that you can have a laugh with.

My children nap well at lunchtimes.

Subsequently the precious hours between midday & 2pm are "my time". Golden.

However, it is sometimes far too tempting to sit down with a  novel and some nuts.

Or get seduced by Twitter with a bowl of Twisties at my desk.

Or watch some crappy TV with some crackers.

So, I have to be super aware of resisting temptation at these times, as golden as they are.

It is all too easy to sell myself the concept of the "reward".

I have dealt with these three little tackers all morning, since 6am. They
have run me ragged. They are finally all peaceful.....what treat can I have to
celebrate my down time? I need a reward for my mothering endeavors!

Of course my immediate & longstanding reaction is to nibble on something salty and greasy.....

So today, instead,  I rang a friend. We talked about everything and nothing. Weight loss was a topic of conversation, but certainly not the only one. We touched on relationships, family, babies, friends, careers, all in the space of 30 minutes.

It was time richly spent.
And much healthier and heaps more satisfying than a bowl of chippies........

Edited to add in that I am linking this very vintage post to Allison's Weekend Rewind......


  1. That would be a great way to avoid snacks if only my friends start picking up their phones. Maybe I should talk it over with them in advance.

  2. Great idea Lucy! I am back on the bandwagon this week after a terrible week last week. Might make some calls...

  3. life in a pink fibroDecember 04, 2010

    It's true that the lure of Twisties and Twitter can be strong. But it's so much harder to eat when you're talking on the phone. I'm going to try this!

  4. Now the phone thing is definitely a girl thing I'm not sure I'll ever really understand

  5. keepcatebusy (Cate)December 04, 2010

    That's such great advice. I actually have a written list of things I can do instead of eating during that exact same naptime period when afternoon snacking is soooo tempting. I keep the list by the toaster to stop me sticking too many pieces of bread in the toaster and gives me the chance to divert myself before I start an accidental snack-a-thon :-) xxxCate

  6. Gill@OurParklifeDecember 05, 2010

    yep, great advice here....I think we must all do the "great they are all asleep, so I have got two hours to stuff my face, watch tv, get online, clean the house, have a nap myself, do yoga" panic dance....!

    For some reason, the stuff my face plan always proves the winner with me. Tomorrow, I shall call a friend instead

    Gill xo

  7. Oh I do all those things. I wish I'd read this about 30 minutes ago, before I sat down with that bowl of icecream.

  8. Oh I am so guilty of this ...thanks for the tip Lucy.


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