Wednesday, 19 March 2008

The Good Wife's Guide

In case you were wondering just what it took back in the 1950's to qualify for "Good Wife" Status, Housekeeping Monthly was kind enough to print a set of guidelines in their 1955 May Issue.

Noteworthy: The pictured children do not appear to be screaming, the wife is wearing 3 inch heals and the husband looks like a cross between Cary Grant and Jimmy Stewart. Of minor interest may be the fact that my granny had an oven just like the one in the picture, and I can tell you straight away that one does not appear so calm when trying to cook dinner on a 1950s match lit gas stove!

According to many cynics, the general consensus is that the above article is a fake.

But in the seeds of my memory, I am SURE I recall reading a very similar article/chapter in one of my Granny's old books.

Or was it that it was from the bookshelves of the room I rented in Sydney......the guy that owned the unit: his late mother was the epitome of a 1950's housewife, and I am sure I can remember reading such an article on one of her old books.

Also in the haze of memory I am sure I can recall photocopying the article and showing it to the friends at work, male and female, for a laugh.

Either way, I find it enchanting that such a article, authentic or not, STILL makes it's way over email through homes & offices around the world.

I am sure it was originally distributed as "a lets share the joke fax".....way before the days of email........I note all scans of the "original" all appear feature heavy use of highlighter texta and underlining and bubbles for emphasis!

I think blokes like to share it because secretly they wish that all their wives really did act like that all the time.

Women who have yet to have children and the "pleasure" of being a housewife and are still enjoying the independence of a career may find it smugly amusing, in as much as they perceive that they will never lower themselves to such outrageous subservience.

And women, like me, who have husbands and families that they love and that they are inordinately proud of find it amusing too. Because for all of its retro archaic nature, isn't the list exactly what we really do strive to do and be everyday? (As well as maybe juggle a part time job, kindy drops offs, a social life and some golden "me time" too?)

Fake or not, it's entertaining on so many levels..............

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  1. Sadly I went out with a guy who's mother was just like that! And that was in 1995!!


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