Friday, 28 March 2008

Frustration & Standing Still......

I weighed in today.

After a fortnight of Easter Eggs and Hot Cross Buns I was NOT looking forward to it, let me tell you. And the killer is I have not been able to exercise as a result of my surgery, so I have felt like my hands have been tied.

And I would have normally weighed in yesterday morning, but we got a flat tyre on the way to school/work, so I skipped my weigh in.

So I figured that unless I weighed in this morning it would probably be the I FORCED myself to go.

Not good. Nothing lost. I weighed in the same. SO FRUSTRATING!

Nothing gained either I guess.

The lady in the chemist, however, was lovely.....I think she could see I was annoyed & frustrated with myself.

She gave me a food diary form to complete, which I will keep up to date for a week.

(Having to write it all down for her will maybe keep me on the straight & narrow??!)

And writing it all down will be good practice for my next step.............

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  1. Luce, this is very normal...a plateau after all the work u have done is to be expected, especially after no exercise and easter eggs I think it is GOOD news that u haven't put on, u should be celebrating...WW always says change something if you have hit a plateau so maybe do the exercise slightly different or change a meal/ snack?? Anyway, keep the great work, you are doing great!


I am a comment addict. Thank you so much for your words...xx