Thursday, 13 March 2008

Chucking a Mummy sickie.......

I am buggered.

I had the lumps on my leg removed yesterday. Just a local anesthetic plus sedation and it really knocked me for six. So I dropped the kids off at childcare today and then instead of going to work, turned the car around and came home.

But I did stop off at the chemist on the way to weigh in.........1.5kg lost in a week!!

So despite feeling like I have been hit by a truck, I am very very happy with that result.

And now to sleep. I have a whole day before I need to pick the kids up from childcare so I am going to crash for a few hours.


  1. Oh wow Lucy, that's a great result. Looks like you've well and truly come off that plateau! Way to stick with it.

    I cannot believe that you are almost half way there. That's amazing that you've lost almost 20kg! You are very inspirational.

    Corey says the trick to weightloss is waiting. Sticking to what you know is right and waiting it out, because time marches on and soon you'll look back at where you've come from and there's so much road you've come down.

    I am uber impressed at your willpower and sticktoitness.

    Let's knock over that next 0.9kg and throw a half way party. You can SO do it!

  2. Oh, and I meant to say too......I hope you feel better! Have a good old rest. I hope everything went well with the lumps.

  3. Thats a great loss!! And its good to have a day off once and a while! Especially if your not feeling the best.

    Hope your feeling better today!

  4. Oh Lucy! Well done sweets, you are amazing... what an effort to be proud of - losing almost 20kg!! WTG!

    I hope you have been able to get plenty of rest, and are feeling much better now too.



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