Saturday, 16 February 2008

Well........make or break....

I actually ended up losing 1.1kg on the scales.

Relief, total relief.

And I guess from there I realised I have a choice. Either give up now or forge on.

And I spoke to Tony a lot about this fork in the road and got some issues clear in my mind, and I am going to go for it.

That said, I ate a bag of chippies in the car on the way to a hair appointment as I was so hungry and running so late!

But as we know, I can chose to beat myself up about that or simply move on.

So I will weigh in again in a fortnight, and for the next 2 weeks I am determined to not bend the rules.

The lady in our local Post Office has lost a shed load of weight (about 38kg I think?) and she was telling me that some months she only lost 1kg but refused to get demoralised about it, as she figured "Even if I only lose 1kg a month, in a years time, I will still be 12kg LESS than I was"

Ummmmm, good point babe!

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  1. Noice loss even with the derailment Luce. Well done you. *mwa*


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