Wednesday, 27 February 2008

Feeling a bit demoralised....

I just weighed myself at Mum's which was STUPID, as she has old scales that are really unclear, but it looks like I have not lost anything at all this fortnight. I wish I hadn't hopped on the bloody things now as I feel pissed off.

I then came home and measured myself and despite being on the effing exercise bike for at least 30 mins each day, it doesn't look like I have lost any cm's either?? WTF is going on??

I know I have been steadily losing at least 0.5kg a week, but in the big scheme of things that just feels like it is going to take FOREVER.

But then again, if I carry on doing that, I suppose it is 25kg by the end of the year lost??

I am going to try and find someone who can photo shop me a photo of myself and take 25kg off, to see what that looks like!

  • I must drink more water
  • I must have my 2 shakes a day, with psyllium
  • I must stop picking
  • I must start listening to my hypnotherapy more often
  • I must do my exercise bike daily
  • I must experiment with the fit ball!

Onwards and upwards I guess.....

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  1. Oh Lucy, don't get demoralised too much. There is always a point where a plateau happens. It might go on for two or three weeks and then the weight will start to fall off again. Are you doing any weights at all?

    Studies are showing that if you do some weight training in unison with cardio in your program that the weight you lose will be 98% body fat, if you only use cardio in your exercise regieme then you only lose 60% body fat and the rest you are losing is muscle mass. Doing the weights day adds to the muscle mass instead of depleting it which in turn helps the weight loss process. Also weight training for women is particularly important because it lowers the risk of osteoperosis. It can mean the difference at a plateau too, adding in a day where you do some sets of weights would make the difference I am sure.

    Keep up the great work, you are an inspiration to me.

    Some progress pics would be loverly too ;).



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