Monday, 28 January 2008


Well, the exercise bike thing is a revelation to me. For $80, it was money well spent!

I have used it at least once a day so far, twice on some days.

It is just so EASY to hop on, do 30 mins (at around 29km per hour), then get off, knowing that I have done the days exercise. No need to get changed, no need to find sunglasses, trainers or dog lead, just hop on.

In fact, most days I have been doing more than 30 mins, as I have been cycling in front of the TV in our upstairs retreat, watching my DVD of Survivor Season 1. That is a bit embarrassing, and I know it is no longer the latest and greatest in reality TV, but I love watching it again, and love the "evil" Richard!

And an episode of Survivor on the DVD is about 42 me and my mate Rich Hatch have been losing the belly together!

And the funny thing is, the tag line.....Outwit, Outplay, exactly matches some of my feelings too.

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  1. Great idea Lucy! Cool that you and Richard are losing weight together.....does that mean you will be hanging about the place nekid too? LOL!


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