Tuesday, 29 January 2008

Standing Proud Today

Another Tuesday, another range of morning tea temptations resisted!

I dropped Olivia and Charlie off with Kieren & Kat for a play in the park whilst I nipped off to the GP surgery with Lexie (who I suspected had Chicken Pox, but it turns out she doesn't, thank God.

On dropping them off, Kat immediately said, "Lucy, have you lost weight?"

Our GP said straight away "Lucy, it looks like you have lost some weight?" WOOHOO!

Then eventually I got back to the park, and Di was there too, and she just winked at me and said "Looking good there Lucy".

So I am feeling very very proud of myself. I evidently need that external confirmation, but hey, that's OK.

I also feel calm. Hence these arty images of proud symbolism.

Calm in as much as I forget to make my Kate Morgan shake before we left the house this morning, so instead of heading to Hungry jacks or the OG Bakery, I nipped to Coles and bought a yogurt and an apple instead!

And I have been listening a lot to both Slim Forever, and also my "Think Slim" MP3 program has been replaced for me, and so I have been listening to that too.

So I feel calm, serene, proud, and quietly confident.

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  1. Ooooh, isn't it great when people start to notice? Great stuff. I am so happy for you really.


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