Tuesday, 8 January 2008

Ceasar & Scrapping.........

I was so good today......I listened to my hypnotherapy CD on and off ALL day, which I am sure helped.

We had a gorgeous family dinner this evening......I am LOVING having Andrew still home on leave, it is really wonderful.

As such he played with the children whilst I cooked lean chicken fillets on the grill, with some lean bacon, some hardboiled eggs and some shaves of parmesan.

Along with some homegrown cherry tomatoes and some chunks of low fat cheese.....all tossed with lettuce and grated carrot.............& voila!

A kind of cross between a Nicoise and a Ceasar Salad! It was bloody delicious!

I did use a bottled 99% fat free dressing with it.....I am not a real fan, but I buggered about with it a bit and added some white vinegar to take away the sweetness and added it on the side.

A good day. And I scrapped 3 pages of my beautiful Lexie girl. So I am happy........

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  1. You are an inspiration, your doing so well. Thank you for your honesty and wonderful way of sharing the journey that your on. Your an inspirational role model and I love you dearly for it. Keep going one step at a time:)


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