Monday, 7 January 2008

Give me 10 good reasons...

Here goes: 10 good lose the lard. 10 good reasons to diminish. To diet. To eat less and move more. To gain slimness. To stop wobbling. You get the drift...

  1. I would like the reality to match the image in my my head I have a sexy figure like Cat Deeley. However, when I catch a look at myself in the mirror, I realise the Dawn French (bless her) look is closer to the mark. Just not as funny. At all.
  2. I have a gorgeous and slim husband. I want us to "match"!
  3. I really want my children, particularly my girls, to grow up without any food issues. I need to shift this weight now so that Olivia and Charlie and Lexie can grow up with memories of a healthy Mummy who is active and happy.
  4. I want to just get the weight loss thing DONE.  I just want to move on already. Thinking about & getting cranky about my shape is just such a waste of time. I just want to change that, so I can focus on more fun stuff.
  5. I want to be able to move to my full potential......I am sick of my saggy "3 babies in quick succession belly" restricting me!
  6. I am vain...I hate photos of myself with a chubby face...I want to upload to Farcebook gorgeous pretty snaps of myself!
  7. So far, through my whole life, I have achieved everything I have set out to achieve. I do not want health and my weight and my body shape to be the thing I "failed" at.
  8. I want to like food again, rather than seeing food as "the enemy".
  9. Sex is bloody fantastic, but sex is even better when I am happy about my body...
  10. I love a project to work on....what better project than MYSELF!


  1. Very valid points, no matter what stage of life you're at. I also had 3 kids in quick succession (3 years!!) and am a bit depressed about the damage caused. IHow very inspirational to have "yourself" as a project to work on. I might just have to start doing the same :)
    Visiting from the Rewind

  2. And look how far you've come Lucy. Do you ever stop and pat yourself on the back? I hope so. Imagine where you'd be now if you hadn't started this journey. And it is a journey, for life. xx

  3. Jeezipeeps Lucy, I didn't realise how long both you and Mrs Woog have been blogging for. Youse are legends!!

    You've really done so well over these years and been such an inspiration to so many people. Lovely to read your stuff from long ago, off to look for more.

  4. I know all of these things and still I want to snack on shit at night! What is with that? A great post. Very inspirational. Thanks for Rewinding (you are always so supportive) xx

  5. I look better in my head than in real life too! It seems to have spread to mirrors, I'm happy to look here (mostly because I straighten up and hold my tummy in in front of a mirror) but photos - photos are TROUBLE. I don't recognise myself!


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