Sunday, 6 January 2008


Still going OK. I have felt less hungry today.

Mum came over for a second "little Christmas" and we did a BBQ brunch.

But I took control of my slim husband with the racing metabolism and made scrambled eggs my way (no butter) and only gave him spray oil for the BBQ (not normal veggie oil) for the ham, and left the mushrooms plain (instead of a gob of butter on each one!) and did a big pan of just cooked home grown cherry tomatoes instead of letting him loose with the butter.......

And I bought a little tray of croissants that only had 4 on the tray, so I went without.........I kept eying off Charlie's as he wasn't keen, but restrained myself and gave it to Perry instead!

A good day..........starving now, but I am planning on diving into the air-popped popcorn any minute!

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